Biggie List

I need to address a couple of issues that have often occurred in the first assignments. APA style must be followed as well as the several university nuances (found in your Student Guide) throughout all assignments. I am listing a couple of the most commonly missed items in the hopes that you will pay careful attention to these on future papers. The 20 items listed below will each carry a 2 point penalty if they are not followed. I know this sounds severe but it will make looking back over your materials for the portfolio easier.

1. All text should be in a serif font like Times or New Courier.

2. Font size should be 12 point.

3. APA margins call for 1" on the sides of the narrative paper (use the page setup feature in the FILE menu of WORD.

4. Commas and periods ALWAYS occur inside quotation marks.

5. In a series, there is a comma before the words "AND/OR."

6. Double space everything except Reference Listings and Block Quotes ( nuances). I will not take points if APA is used throughout. Do not use a return at the end of each line but use the word wrapping feature of MS Word. (default setting). Do not have extra spaces between paragraphs.

7. Do not use the word "MYSELF" when "ME" is the appropriate usage.

8. Try to avoid general gender pronouns like her, he, she, s/he, unless you are referring to a specific individual of known sex.

9. Watch those words that are already plural and use correct verb form--"data" and "criteria"...singular words are "datum" and "criterion."

10. All formal papers require a title page (all previously mentioned font and text issues apply) and all papers you turn in to me are considered formal.

11. The word "Internet" should be capitalized in almost all cases.

12. Numbers like the 1950s or the 90s do NOT use an apostrophe.

13. Generally website and webpage are single words and is PowerPoint and HyperStudio (note the capitals in trademarks).

14. Self is always followed by a hyphen in self-assessment, self-assurance, self-confidence, and so forth.

15. The abbreviation "ETC" is not in the APA vocabulary--please do not use!

16. When using acronyms in a formal paper spell them out on first usage unless they are SO well known that there is no "ADD" or "ADHD. "When in doubt, spell them out!

17. Make sure reference lists (if used) are on a separate page [use the Page Break feature in MS Word]

18. Do not use contractions in a formal paper. It would be OK in email and discussion groups but not in an Application paper.

19. Indents must be used--block formatting is not allowed. Indentations need to be five to 10 spaces.

20. Make sure that you do not confuse "their" with "there" or "to" with "too"--all spelling errors need to be caught in proofing (I will tell you that sometimes I will miss one in my comments--if you find this let me know and I will credit you with the two points I should lose)

When in doubt consult the APA Manual--5th edition or the Walden Writing Center site at http// As I noted before I am not an APA expert but am trying to learn all the nuances--if I ever mark something that is not in accordance with the Manual let me know and I will make any grade adjustment...and be appreciative for the opportunity to learn. There are lots of other sites to check for APA issues. I would suggest a Google search. You might also look in this site by clicking here.