Various Sites which Might be of use

This page has various sites with a short annotation that are of value educationally .

Pics4Learning-educational friendly site for getting images from around the world   Kathy Schrock- teacher produced guide covering all sorts of issues from one computer classrooms to professional development   ERIC- this is the site where you could submit your work so that it was  available to other educators. (This newsletter article described some of the current changes)  
RubiStar-the site for making free rubrics to use in the classroom--they may be temporary or permanent   Teach-nology- site of lesson plans etc.  Great source for educators.   ENC-Eisenhower network--has a plethora of math and science materials. Another soon to be fatality of the budget cuts.  
Response-o-Matic-great site to make your own survey or on-line test.   HTML Basics-one of the better basic html sites---has language a beginner can understand.   HTML Colors- if you have ever wondered how those great colors got on the screen--here is a reference listing of their codes. Or this one  
APA sites-  the list below lists several that can help:

College of Wooster

Univ. Wisconsin-SP

Citation Machine

Indiana State

Walden Writing Center is a place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. . You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 100MB each!  

Using SnipURL you can shorten Internet links. Paste your long link into the long url box, click the "snip url" button and presto you have a short link. It is free and you do not have to sign up to use it.


Leslie Bowman's site provides a number of good links in all aspects of on-line learning.  Visit at   Marti Canipe's  site these sources are great for teachers and students.


        Canipe Home Site       

If you send me additional sites I will publish them here.